I'm Riku, an almost graduated IT student from University of Turku. I currently work at Frozenbyte, the Finnish game company behind such games as Shadowgrounds, Splot and Trine. On this website I showcase my various game and software projects.

I have taken part in many game and software projects, most of which can be found in my portfolio. I also quite often craft ad hoc, utility software for business and pleasure.

My preferred development platforms are C#, Unity, C++, WPF, Python and PyGame. But I also do UE4, SQL, CUDA, JAVA, JavaScript, PHP, XML, VBA etc.

Check out my portfolio to see a few games I have been involved in creating. Most of them can be played in the browser via Unity WebPlayer. And if you want to send me any feedback there is an email address and an anonymous feedback form on the contacts page.

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