I'm Riku, a programmer at Ubisoft RedLynx. Formerly a programmer at Frozenbyte. I have worked on such games as The Division Heartland, Trine 3, Trine 4, Starbase, Nine Parchments, Has-Been Heroes and Shadwen. I have a master's degree in Computer Science at University of Turku.

My preferred development platforms and languages are C++, C, C#, Unity, GLSL, Python and PyGame. But I also do UE4, SFML, SDL, TypeScript, Node.js, Docker, HTML, SQL, CUDA, Java, WPF, XML, PHP, VBA, etc.

Check out my portfolio to see some of the old stuff I have done on my free time. Most of them are games that were runnable directly in the browser via Unity WebPlayer which is sadly no longer supported. I also like to craft ad hoc utility software for business and pleasure. See the contacts page for my contact info.

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