This is my portfolio. The projects on this page are sorted in descending order by weighted average of release date and impressiveness.

The games created with Unity (most of them) can be played using HTML5+WebGL or the discontinued Unity WebPlayer by clicking the link below each entry.

Sled It Now

An fast-paced sledding game with a ninja rope and fun maps. A rare 3D gamejam game from this group of mostly programmers.

Created in Godot over the GGJ24 weekend and tweaked a bit during the following week.

It's surprisingly playable on touchscreen devices, but unfortunately Godot 4 web builds don't support iOS, yet. When webgpu support drops we'll probably create a new build.





January 26-28, 2024

A hectic 4 player food fight. Sow potatoes, grow potatoes, throw potatoes, you are potatoes. May the best potato... Win?

This was the first contact with Godot for the whole team. Given those circumstances everything went quite well!

Leevi 'lemail' Virtanen

Music and audio
Onni Westman

Music and audio

Shader FX

Design, programming

Programming, art

Programming, art

Programming, story
January 27-29, 2023
Luurin Luikaus

An old-skool TV game that you control with a rotary phone. Created during Assembly Game Jam 2015. In the games you throw various old-skool items and try to keep them in the air by chasing and volleying them for extra speed. All that by dialing numbers on a rotary phone. Because, what's more old-skool than TV games and rotary phones? Pretty much nothing, right? (The controls might be more intuitive on an touch screen device. Download the Android build and try it out.)

Pyry Takkunen

Salla Huttunen

Art (2D)
Joonas Pääkkönen

Art (3D)
Timo Korhonen

Sound, Programming (sound)
Janne Koski

Programming (input)
Riku Rajaniemi

Programming (gameplay)
July 30 - August 2, 2015
Frack Grenade

A skill-based action game submitted for Assembly Summer 2014 GameDev competition, where it won the third price.

Development began exactly one week before the submission deadline with some fixing done in the following couple weeks. I'm really proud of the accomplishment of its creation and the finished game.

Update 2024: The global high-scores and replays were broken for a while without me noticing, they are fixed now. Also there's a new HTML5-based web build.

Janne 'moziz' Koski

Programming, 2D and 3D assets
Riku 'Raattis' Rajaniemi

Programming, audio design
July 17-24, 2014
Melon Game


A fun game about combining fruit. It's not procrastination, it's playtesting!

Created in Godot over several Sundays. The work was restarted in Godot 3.6 due to Godot 4 web builds not supporting iOS.

Fun fact: the "original" Suika game on Switch is itself a clone of a Chinese browser game.

Riku Rajaniemi

Programming, audio, "art"
February, 2024
SlideTris 2


A remake of my first published game. This time created with Unity3D instead of XNA to make it available on most modern platforms. This time I won't be brining it to any app stores as I don't want to get contacted by The Tetris Company again.

If you want to build the game from the Unity project files for your own iOS or WP device, please, email me or leave a message with the form on the contact page.

June 1-18, 2014
Owla (an experiment)


A speed and puzzle game aimed for mobile devices. It was mostly an experiment to see how moving the character on a touch screen device would work -- quite well it turns out.

Elisa Rajaniemi

Original concept, 2D art
Riku Rajaniemi

May 6, 2014 ...
Möller: The Saga of Pulchritudinous Candies

An asymmetrical two-player game where one of the players doesn't need to see but listen.

There is also a single-player mode for those who just want to play alone. And no-player mode for those who just want to watch.

Created using Unity for the Global Game Jam 2014.

Janne Koski

3D art, Shader programming
Elisa Rajaniemi

2D art
Tomi Kokkonen

Game design
Can Uzer

Sound effects
Veli Laamanen

Riku Rajaniemi

General programming
January 24-26, 2014


Help Mrs. Scruffles fetch the mail! Created with Unity for Molyjam 2013 in 48 hours.

Veli-Pekka Kokkonen

Team leading, programming (general, animation)
Noora Klaavu

Art director, graphics
Janne Koski

Programming (logic, graphics)
Riku Rajaniemi

Audio, programming (audio, general)
July 5-7, 2013
Blood Pajatso


A Global Game Jam game with an intestine inspired theme.



Music, Pixelization shader

January 27, 2013
Forest Run


A math game created with tablet devices and education in mind as a short project. It saw some further development towards being a commercial product but was ultimately abandoned.

Tomi Kokkonen

Programming, Design
Maiju Laine

Art, Graphics
Tatu Laine

Spessu Iba

Canabalt champion
Riku Rajaniemi

Design, Programming
October 21, 2012
Battle of Balloons


A local multiplayer game where two players compete to stay afloat the longest.

Created with Unity 2D in 10 hours during a single day gamejam.

Pauliina Hämäläinen

Coding, Design
Riku Rajaniemi

Graphics, Design, Coding
November 30, 2013
Square Space


A quick game project to test out different movement styles for a 2D flying game.

August 9-15, 2013
Nova Cocktail


A rogue-like on a space station. Created with Unity during a game development project course.

Janne Koski

Programming (item system, content tools), Graphics (storyscreens, enviroment)
Tomi Kokkonen

Programming (world building, movement)
Ville Kadenius

Graphics (characters, items)
Riku Rajaniemi

Programming (map generation, logic, effects, editor tools), Content (items, rooms)
January 14. - March 7., 2013


A simple tech demo created in an afternoon using RagePixel - a free pixelart toolkit for Unity.

March 16, 2012
Procedural Walk Animation


A completely procedural walk animation. Every moving joint has a fine-tuned sine function controlling its rotation. Yeah, it's pretty impractical.

March 16, 2012

An XNA game project conceived, created and published in a single weekend for Global Game Jam 2012.

Tomi Kokkonen

Programming (AI, weapons), Graphics
Mika Taskinen

Programming (under the hood, menu)
Sami Jokela

A bit of this, A bit of that
Riku Rajaniemi

Programming (movement), Graphics (snake)
January 27-29, 2012
Naive Raycaster


An inefficient raycaster created with Python 3.2 and PyGame. It took around five hours to get the rendering working. After that roughly a week was spent tweaking the UI. The above picture was rendered in 4 minutes on a modern PC.

August 10-18, 2012


A tetris game with smooth touch controls for Windows Phone platform created using XNA. (Was taken down after seven months and 2,500 downloads from WP Marketplace by to The Tetris Company.)

Was in WP market place form February 29, 2012 to September 25, 2012